#3 22nd of January 2006 - faux activism
'HERD INSTINCT 360 introductory narration part 3'

Jeremy Varon - 'Agents of Necessity: Group Logic and 1960s Militants'
Arthur Jaffa - 'On the Perfomance Aspect of the Black Panthers, via Martin Luther King Jr., South L.A. Gangs to Techno music from Detroit through Austria and Germany'

Inserted work:
Corita Kent - serigraphs, generously lent by Julie Ault

Community Forging Posters: political slogans from the 60s' super-imposed over images by seven artists represented by Andrew Kreps Gallery: Ricci Albenda, Peter Coffin, Roe Ethridge, Jonah Freeman, Jamie Isenstein, Ruth Root and Cheyney Thompson